I sold of the last of my Warmachine and Hordes limited edition and prize winning (painted) miniatures this January. I also sold my infinity, some of my Guild Ball starters and som other bobs and bits. It netted me a couple of hundred bucks after ebay and paypal took their pund of flesh. So, now I have done what every responsible addict do when they have a couple of hundred bucks in their pocket.

My purchases for 2017 thus far includes (some of) the items below:

  1. Zombiecide – Rue Morguezombicide-kickstarter-season-3-rue-morgue-contents
    I got to try The Others: 7 sins in January, the firts miniature board game I played since Space Hulk, and it was glorious! I immediately started investigation into what a kickstarter set of the game would cost me on ebay. I then realized that I already was playing one of those sets and started looking into other miniature board games.  Since I knew I might get my hands on a Massive Darkness (kickstarter with lots of extras) this summer, and I want to play these kind of games with my girlfriend, I thought this could be a good introduction for us. I now have 23 more models (out of 100+ total) to paint before we can have a go (no, you don’t play with unpainted miniatures)!
  2.  Mighty Zug 
    Still need to paint the Blood Bowl set (damn, that’s actually another miniature board game I have played since Space Hulk. DOH!) I got for Christmas, but how could I resist this beauty?
  3. Captain Sonar 
    Saw the review of this on SU&SD and just had to have it. Yes, it is a decease. No, there is no known cure….
  4. Horizon Zero Dawnhorizon-zero-dawn-tallneck
    This one was on the wish list for last year and now it is pre-ordered. I need to finish my Zombicide and Blood Bowl in the next two weeks, cause come march 1st, I will be glued to the PS4 for a while…
  5. Dead of Winter – the long nightpic2928482_md
    Another game that I been eyeing for a while. It is currently 4th in line in my ongoing scheme to get my girlfriend to play more games with me and my friends.
  6. KICKSTARTER: World Of SmogworldOfSmog
    Steampunk, zombies, monsters, tentacles, voodoo priests and miniatures. Need I say more? I backed it all the way! This time next year I either be dead due to Trumpian Nuclear Winter or I be painting a Sherlock Holmes miniature and his monster-in-a-box!worldOfSmog2
  7. Patchworkspic2270442_md
    Yes, its a 2 player game. Yes my girlfriend has, to this day, made 6 (or more, maybe?) patchwork bedspreads. Yes, I do think I can get her to play this.Yes I think I’m a bit manipulative in my attempts to get her to play games with me? BUT I DO NOT CARE!

So, there you have it (almost, I might also have bought Pandemic Legacy together with som friends, but that was in the beginning of January so it might not count…). I have now cut myself off and I will do my darnedest not to buy more boxes of sweets until I have painted up what I have and played the games above at least 2 times each. Or until Dark Souls the board game arrives. Then all bets are off!

Expect upcoming reviews and tales of the progress in my quest to get H to play games with me. Until next time!


(Or until Dark Souls arrives at least)