Last week I nearly threw my fishing rod into the lake. I started my journey into fish by losing a game or two against Butchers and Morticians, then I won against Engineers and the Union. But then I hit a wall and went on a 8-10 games losing streak.

We are a budding community here  in Gothenburg, and so far only two players other than me are playing on a regular basis, Pär with Butchers and Samuel with Morticians (I am working to get more people to start and making some slow progress). Pär used to play (and dominate) Confrontation back in the day and has since played W40K and WM/H with a lot of success and is the one I have had most of my games against. And most of my losses then…

I started out using Corsair but about 5 games in to the losing streak I changed to Shark. And instantly felt the power of that captain. I don’t think that Corsair is bad, quite contrary, but against Butchers it feels like Shark has a lot more game. And this Saturday I finally broke the streak with a 12-8 (goals only for both teams!) against the Fillet lead Butchers.

So, the lessons I have been forced to learn:

    At first I tried to be cute and score some takeouts, get some momentum by attacking and the like. Don’t do that! If shank can get 14″ you better be 18,1″ away. I use Greyscales to get a bit up the board and he can still be “safe” (I never feel safe against the blood thirsty bunch that are the Butchers). I mean, eventually you need to commit but let it be on your terms, one-on-one and where you can bravely dodge away after you have gained a couple of MP.
  2. The Momentum Rush
    In the 10 or so games I have played fish against Butchers now, I have yet to get to receive the ball (I haven’t received the ball since that match against Engineers back in the good old “winning days”). This has taught me a couple of things; as stated above, don’t over extend and have patience, to Protect the goal with Salt and maybe a Kraken or whatever else I can put in front of the eventual ball path, but to save one guy (yes, that guy is Shark) until last. Since I will have the last activation (unless the fucker has A&G) then I can rush in and get 3-6 momentum and hopefully start of the next turn. Then I have Shark in position to steal the ball, use his Legendary and score.

After applying the Momentum Rush I go back to rule #1. If I let the Butchers gang up on me I’m toast. And so, the streak is broken and I have won two games in a row, one against Butchers and one against Morticians. Next I will try and figure out what to do when I get to receive the ball…

That’s it for now. As soon as my lazy opponents gets most of their teams painted I’ll get back with a report from a game. I have some ideas on how to write one, lets see if I can make reality of it.