I am now one quarter in to 2016 and what have I done so far? I have started playing Guild Ball, finished Diablo 3 together with my girlfriend and have died about one billion times in Bloodborne. I still have a million deaths to go in Bloodborne I think, and a backlog a mile long for miniatures to paint. But, I still have some things I’m looking forward to in 2016. And, lucky for me, some of it are already out and I can just wait for them to go on sale on Playstation Store or where ever. Here’s a list of the nerdy things I wish for this year:

maxresdefault devision 1. Tom Clancy’s The Division

It was a while ago I played a shooter. I have heard nothing but good things about The Division. Someone said that it is like a mix between Diablo 3 (loved it!) and Destiny (great!!).  This could be a good break between the abyss of despair that is Bloodborne and the next game in the list:

maxresdefault 2. Dark Souls III

I actually haven’t played a Dark Souls game before. My understanding is that it is similar to Bloodborne (or Bloodborne is similar to Dark Souls) an if so, it will be glorious!


3. Uncharted 4 – A Thiefs End

Loved the first game. Didn’t play the second or third, but have been psyched to play this since I first saw the trailer. The game is not even out yet and I guess I might not even play it this year since I don’t play that much (a couple of hours a week at average) and want to finish the 2 games above in addition to Bloodborne before this. And then there is number four on the list to consider!
SONY-Playstation-VR-inkl-PlayStation-Kamera--2-st-PlayStation-Move4 . Playstation VR and Move and STUFF!

AAAAAAARGHHHHH! The HYPE!!! I am actually saving money, earmarked, each month, just for this. I have played around with VR at work and when I get my hands on this… There are no words… I need to excuse myself now. Brb.
GB-Teams-Alchemists5. 3rd Guild?

Well, if something miraculous happens, like me winning the lottery or something, which allows me to quit my job and just play video games and paint miniatures all day I might have time for a third guild. YEAH! IT IS A WISHLIST! A MAN CAN WISH!