I just supported my first Kickstarter. I tried to be one of the early birds but when I entered the wrong experation date on my Mastercard I ended up 15 seconds too late. Darksouls the board game by Steamforged Games was founded in 3 minutes. They have promised to add more stretch goals this morning and I can’t wait!


I have never even played Dark Souls the video game. However much I want to, I feel I have to put that one on hold until I have finished Bloodborne (by the same developers). Bloodborne is Am-Ay-Zing! Dark Souls 3 will undoubtedly be too. But right now my video-game-time is somewhat limited, since I paint a lot of minis, train for a race in a month and try to play some Diablo 3 with my girlfriend as well.

Which is why I decided to kickstart Dark Souls, right? Right! I want to lure my girlfriend into board gaming as well. You see, I kind of tricked her into to playing Diablo with me. At first she was very reluctant to play but after just one evening of hacking and slashing, she was the one suggesting we play more. Or as she put it: “when are we gonna slay more zombies again?”

So, when I explained the premise of Dark Souls the Board Game and said I was hoping we play it, and she replied “No!” I was not deterred.