The frustration! I am waiting for the rest of my Masons to get to Sweden from the shop in England and all the Fishermen came here ages ago, so I been playing them the last couple of games. At first it was easy pickings, scoring goals and pushing Butchers of the field for a couple of take-outs (well, if you call 10-12 easy…). But now I feel like I lost the momentum a bit.

We, our small group, are just starting to play this great game and we’re having lots of fun. The WhatsApp is glowing at times and the three core players are making playdates and gaming like never before. And part of the fun for me is to not read blogs and articles about “the correct way” to play but to try to figure it out myself. This will mean that I discover a lot of things that is obvious to players that has been playing since the beginning.


Today I got absolutely slaughtered by the Butchers, two games in a row. In the first game I tried to be cute and Lured Princess in to gang up on her and kill her in the end of the first turn. This only made the Butchers angry and with all my guys in a neat circle Gutter had an absolute field day! So game 2 I decided to try the old Pass-n-score tactic.

But its hard. I mean, the first goal is easy enough. But then I lose initiative and get stuck in the middle where my players end up as pulp under the Butcher fists. I need to find a way to generate momentum and score, and still be in a OK position for the second turn.

My lineup was:


Lessons learned today:
– Don’t get caught. It is a lot easier said then done. That f-er Shank gets to you from anywhere as soon as you get a point of damage.
– Try getting some momentum. If it can be done while accomplishing  the lesson above, then the Butchers wont get any.
– Spread out.

I think I need to cut Kraken. Or play him completely different. Siren, Jac and Shark has a lot of cool board control that I like and maybe I should try to divide the Butchers more with them. Not letting them Gang Up on my guys as easily. I  really like Greyscales but i haven’t gotten to do much with him more than Dodge away every turn.

I need to formulate a plan and come back to the problem. Tomorrow Im facing off against Balista (I think), so, at least not butchers.