Guild Ball is a tabletop Fantasy Medieval Football Game with a quick, intuitive game design based on modern design philosophy. It got amazing miniatures, digitally designed and crafted by some of the leading talents within the industry. This is how the makers, Steamforged Games, themself describes their game. Here are my initial thoughts

Some Background on me:
So, I started playing tabletop games, I’m not really sure, but I think it was late 2009 or early 2010. I had already started painting miniatures again and made the fortunate mistake of walking in to the local game store to buy something, and was invited to their Warmachine Tuesday to “just have a look”. Well, you know this story. You probably have lived this story.

I have, up until this point, tried two other tabletop games, besides Warmachine, and that was Bushido, a small scrimmage game and liked it a lot and Bloodbowl (online). Unfortunately, it didn’t stick with my group, not even a little.  But for the most part it was Warmachine all the way.

 Until Now:
I got a demo game for Guild Ball and I was hooked. Two words: Alternate activation. No more sitting around while your opponent is jackin’ off for 40 minutes executing your demise. No more looking at your phone while your opponent is in the tank for 15 minutes. No more!

But the fact that it is a fun game that seems to be balanced and good is not what I want to write about today. What I would like to comment upon is the genius paper cut-outs!  And everything else Steamforged Games gives the community for free:

  • The Rules
  • The reference cards for all the players
  • Other resources like Plot Cards
  • The miniatures in the form of paper cut outs.


So, if you have access to a printer, a couple of scissors, dice and a flat(ish) surface you are good to go. I already had some miniatures myself (you know how it is with us hoarders, we like to hoard)  so I only needed a couple, but the cut outs still meant we could get started playing games while our actual miniatures where on the way in the mail (my opponents had no “real” miniatures in storage since they had been slacking with their hoarding duties).

Because this is the genius of it: Steamforged Games knows it’s customers. They know that if their product is good enough, they can give it away for “free”, we will still throw our money at them. I mean, I have played 3 real games now and own all the models for two teams, some union players, tokens for both teams, guild plot cards and some dice. Eh… come to think of it, this might be a symptom of something else…

Anyway… heres a picture of how it looks when you mount them on foam board and glue them to bases. Not bad actually. It has let us let of steam until the metall minis arrive. Next time I talk about my noobish foray into the Masons and how Brick apparently is good even though he “doesn’t do anything”. See ya!


David Berggren